Giving is better than receiving

Rye, 3.20pm on Wednesday 30th of August 2017

Once you have it in you you can give it away with happiness. Giving is better than receiving, it’s love, it’s kindness, it’s being connected with the Universe,  with God or with Source. Giving to others also gives to you. It’s like a circle, a circle of kindness and appreciation. You help someone and you’ll get helped. The powerful energy contained into such a small action is stronger than anything else, If made with all our heart it is even more. Giving it’s a gesture that we humans are able to do with our hands, with our mind with our heart but there are  also other possibility for giving; I see giving also as a vocal gift a kind word, a warm smile, makes you feel better and also the person who is going to receive it. Being present with your love when you try to help someone could make the difference into a day of any human being  on this planet. I believe deeply in good energy and I know for instance that an action made with love can change the world for good. Imagine if ten of us in the same work place are going to act generously and from their heart, amazing things could come up. New ideas, new projects, new positivity, better lifestyle now Imagine  if your entire city would shift into giving mode, imagine now 6 billion people smiling and be kind like that. I am sure you can imagine this, it is going to be the future, our future. I’m sure the future is in our hands now, we are powerful and good, generous and kind,we are many, we can make the difference.  That is the practical way of giving. Now practise it by smiling genuinely to anyone when you walk down the street. Try it, you’ll feel amazing afterwards. Be kind to a person that you don’t know. Donate something that you don’t need anymore to association that help pour people. Finally love everything that you do. This is who you are and you can really make the difference into this world. 

With love and Kindness

Giuseppe Nasti

(Photo credit to the owner)

5 thoughts on “Giving is better than receiving

  1. Hi Joe, Great post! I really like your logo Nasti Kitchen …very funky and fresh! Take care and say hello to Elisa and kids. Ciao


  2. Very true Giuseppe! Living a life of love and kindness really can make a difference and if we all do this collectively, the world does become a better place.

    Cheers, Georgie 💗✌️


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