Law of attraction, power of thoughts power of feelings, power of love.

I was always sure about something in my life.  I always felt the need to be kind and generous. I always felt like I had to give something to some body. I didn’t know what it was, but now I know what this is.

I want to share all my knowledges. I want To help people and the world  To get better. I want you to understand that you are powerful.

I’m not old and wise like many people would think.

I feel it. I can see my self talking on Radio shows or television program about my life, my present life, my past life, my future life (dreams).

I often try to inspire others through telling them about my past. My past is strong and powerful and I use it as a tool to make them realise that everything that You really desire you can achieve.

There is no dream too big for our souls to be achieved. There is not desire for our mind that can’t be Accomplished. We all have the power to create everything we really want and makes us happy. We are creators, we can decide how our life can be. If you just would understand the simple principle behind this truth, you’ll be astonished and grateful to have come to know it.Ad Einstein said few years ago ( probably 100) we, humans, have the most powerful transmitting tool installe di. Our body and it is the brain. Able to transmit and receive frequency faster than the speed of the sound, faster than the speed of light. We only use a small amount of brain capacity in our daily life (5%-10%), high achievers and I repeat high achievers use 20% of their brain capacity, Olympic gold medalist use 40% of their brain capacity. Imagine now if we could be able to use more of our brain capacity. It’s only matter of training and hard work, feith in God and Universe. I want to give you just a little taste of what I be come to know about in the last year. It is something I have always actually believed in , but never knew that it was actually a Physical universal law. The law that runs the Universe.


This universe law has been discovered or I should better say understood thousands of thousands of years ago, and for many years has been kept hidden from most of humanity. This law is governed by energy, frequency or vibrations, to make it simple to get what you want you must vibrate in a positive frequency. This is called energy.

Frequencies are amazing, can make you feel happy or unhappy, can make you heal or get sick, can make you pour or rich.

We all have to put our self on the right vibration, with the dream and the ideas that we posses. We have to get to the same vibration as our dream and then we’ll have it in our hands.

We all are created to be the perfect machine. Able to think, able to heal, able to understand, able to be rational, able to raise.

This is a gift that not many animal have.

One thing we all share is love.

Animals and human can both love.

The law of attraction is simple to understand, universe has only one answer for our thoughts and our requests, and it is YES.

So imagine all of your dreams materialising because you believe in this and because you love the idea of seeing your self achieving those goals.

I believe. I have achieved a lot before I even knew about this Universal law. The discovery of this Law was just something that made everything clear in my mind. The simplicity of this is that anithing you really want, dream and feel you can have. Earl Nightingale years ago quoted: YOU BECOME AND YOU ACHIEVE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MOST OF THE TIME.

This gift of being able to control our thoughts is just a beautiful way to obtain things. You know need to train to focus only on the goods things that you want to achieve. So make sure you always think positively otherwise you might put your self into Troubles. Remember that you become what you thing about most of the time. Use your time wisely.

Simple imagine your self happy and Universe will create the situation to be happy. Imagine yourself wealthy and soon you’ll be wealthy. Remember if you see it in your mind and feeling it your heart ❤️ you can have it in your hands. Universe with its time will get you where you want to be.

Universe has a bright future for us we just need to decide which path to take.

Now it is all in your hands and your mind

I leave you few YouTube video to watch. I have changed my life with this, now it’s time for you to change yours.


with passion and Love

Giuseppe Nasti

(Photo credit to the owner)

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