Folding the bread

My passion for baking started years ago when I was only 19 and I was working  in a star Michelin restaurant in Rome, there was a chef his name is Giuseppe Sestito that was amazing.

His baking skills and knowledge were massive and I got fascinated by all this alchemy of fermentation.

Very important is to learn how to fold the “wet bread dough”. a

So I’ve tried in the last few years so often and finally after 100 times of trials I’ve came across a famous Italian baker which his name is “Bonci”.

This amazing baker became famous for his  passion. Thanks to his videos I’ve learnt the importance of folding the wet doughs.

Here is a minute video I’ve prepared for this occasion and particularly for a wholemeal spelt focaccia dough.

When I roll, fold or knead my bread dough I love using this: thick wooden board, and because the wooden is porous it is easier for you dusting the surface with some flour and start folding your mixture.

Please let me know if you want to know something else. Coming soon there is a recipe and detailed photo story of me making this focaccia.

Love and passion Giuseppe Nasti

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